Mining and Construction Operation Training

Production up and operating costs down through dedicated and effective equipment operator training.

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Why Hire Jay?

Jay brings decades of Caterpillar training to your sites, machines, and people. He comes to you to educate your operators on how to setup machines for the exact task at hand so they can work more efficiently and safely.


About Jay

Jay’s career in heavy equipment began when his grandfather tasked him with cleaning out stock tanks on the family ranch using a dozer at age ten.

After spending a few years as a cowboy in Arizona, Jay formally began his heavy equipment career as a laborer and later equipment operator with a local construction company. A quick study, he was soon hired by Caterpillar as a test operator at the world-famous Arizona proving grounds.

At Caterpillar, he got to know Caterpillar dealer instructors from around the US and wanted his own shot at formally training Cat customers. When the opportunity came, and he worked at Wagner Cat in Colorado and Holt Cat in Texas training hundreds of equipment operators and customers as a CDI (certified dealer instructor) and rep.

With his years of training experience and forming industry relationships, executives and mine managers asked Jay to independently train their operators. With enough people from Canada to the Bahamas asking, he took the leap, quit his brilliant job at Caterpillar, and formed his own training company.

Now, he travels the US and abroad to train operators on how to get the most out of their machines. He loves training and watching the people he works with improve at work and on a personal level. When he’s not on the road training, he’s a focused husband and father at home in Texas. Family is everything to Jay and he knows none of this would be possible without their love and support.

The biggest joy in what I do is knowing that I’m helping people not only become better operators but better people too.

Jay Collup

Testimonials from Past Students

"Jay’s training is second to none. It’s one thing to be a good operator, but it’s an entirely different level to effectively communicate with and train operators of varying experience."
Ken Caldwell
VP of Operations
“In the early stages of developing a training program at a local coal mine here in Texas, Jay was my go to guy for classroom and hands on field training for pre-op inspections, best practices and safety awareness. After receiving training from Jay, one operator I had with 27 years of experience came to me and said he was shocked. He’d run motor graders off and on for over 27 years and he said he was learning things he never knew before. I highly recommend Jay!”
Michael Smith
Director of Equipment Production
“Jay Collup has trained operators at the operations I managed for over 13 years. Our operations made significant improvements with our pit and overburden stripping operations improving by 15-20% in production units per hour. Our operators were trained in haul truck optimization, pit loader set-up, large track-hoe operations, and road maintenance with the motor-graders.”
Production Manager

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